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Breakfast is always the key ingredients for a good day start.

Why a lot of people like hawker center? Well, the most logical reason what the facts that one the price are cheap, reasonable and affordable. Two – the wide varieties of the selection of choice available, which cater to all whether it is just a small bites, meals and more.

Below are some of the foods serve

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Yong Tao Foo 

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This one is really famous among the stalls here. Cause by the time, we reach there around 10.30 in the morning, it is completed sold out. But luckily, one of us is daring enough to approach the owner to sell us some as we are not from the local but we are very interested in trying out the famous “char koi” here. And, in the end of the day, we are glad that the owner of the stall are willing to sell us some.

Now – for the tasting part? How good is this char koi? To me, what made this char koi so famous and among one of the favorites here are the fact that
1. It have a good taste profile – just by eating along.
2. It is not oily
3. It is really crispy

Hence, among the three points above, we can conclude the reason why it is one of the favorites here.Therefore, one thumb up for the char koi.

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Char Koi

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Lot 2122 – 2125, Ground Floor, Yakin Commercial Centre, Jalan Bulan Sabit, Miri, Malaysia