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Habits are the essential basic key to success in life once we drills this into our algorithms of life. I would put another similar key of habits will be discipline. These two words are basically one equivalent terms. When once have the discipline, they built habits and vice versa, once they built habits, they build discipline.

Therefore, whether it is small or big matter in life, when we attained the following terms into our daily process – I ensure that all matters will move forwards. Of course, there are other factors that might influence the success. But without these two terms, the degree of success will be greatly minimize and lead to the down fall.

It applied to the concept of playing online game now when we had fun as well. Why in certain area, we became so good and even excel at it. The trick here were that in general, we tend to exclude things that which we knew we must do but tend to neglect it due to the facts that we didn’t like it or thousands of excuse that train us not to do it and put it later. When, we put it later – there are always high chances that we will not do it. Hence, from learning, when we want to train well mentally – drills it into the minds that in many times, we need to push ourselves and never fall into these syndrome of later. Hence, the slogan of Nike – “Just Do It” are very applicable in these. Don’t succumb to these excuses as in some occurrences, it only took a few minutes of our times to get it done but it was just that sometimes, we are too mentally weak, and succumb to these excuses, and these lead to accumulation of the tasks, which again lead to the main category of failure in many, – There are too many times to get done, I don’t have enough time. Well, if you think about it, times will never be enough. Time is one of the fairest element applied to all things in life – why? Cause everyone have the same equivalent in one days, irregardless of poor or rich, any races, and where you are in these world.

Then, come along the lines that how come some peoples can do so much and yet some are rarely moving forward. Here, come again the two key words, are we discipline or do we have the habits of -Just Do It or Do not wait. Cause time does not wait for you. It is always progressive and moving forwards.

For myself, I being wanted to create a blog and write about the fact of life on the experience and share it for few years. But never find that there were times for the following. But like I said that life is a learning experience, we will need to move forwards and be progressive in life. Therefore, as per for the current day, I am glad that I finally drills one successful checklist. Getting this written down and check on list out of the things that which I always wanted to do.

Cheerio – Hope that this will help some of people who read this blog to move forwards and check some of their wanted lists that they always wanted to get it done but always find don’t have time for this.